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2015-04-16 3rd prize in Mannheim!

Our proposal bunt2 has won the 3rd prize in the 2 staged competition for a 220ha redevelopment in Mannheim including the BUGA 2022 and three new urban expansions on the site of former Spinelli Barracks.

>>> ... to be updated

2015-03-15 Zukunft Nord Karlsruhe

Together with 11 other offices we have been selected to participate in the masterplan competition Zukunft Nord in Karlsruhe.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-11-17 MTV Nord

A proposal by teleinternetcafe and TH Treibhaus was announced winner of the selection procedure for the urban framework for Mark-Twain-Village north of Rheinstraße in Heidelberg. Together with local partners metris we have been trusted by our client Stadt Heidelberg with the management of the procedure.

>>> ... documentation pending

2014-09-08 Up-Cycling Mannheim

Our proposal for a 220ha redevelopment in Mannheim including the BUGA 2022 and three new urban expansions on the site of former Spinelli Barracks was selected by the jury as one of the winnig entries of the first stage. Together with Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur we will now compete with 8 other teams and their ideas.

>>> ... 2nd stage ongoing

2014-10-02 public spaces for suburbia Part IV

This proposal for the public spaces intra muros in the traditional city of Oberkirch rounded of our suburban theme for 2014; again in collaboration with Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-06-28 public spaces for suburbia Part I

How doe traditional suburban villages cope with blurring identity and urbanization ? This was the underlying topic for our proposal to create a new inner-city in Erbach, utilizing under-used commercial and agricultural areas in a phased approach together with Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-06-06 Quelleareal

Together with Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur we were selected to participate in a competeion fo a new housing development in Steinen. Our proposal uses small scale mixed neighbourhood units situated around a new public space.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-05-12 Sonnenhausplatz

We submitted our competition entry for Sonnenhausplatz in Mönchengladbach – a collaboration with Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-02-28 Masterplan Südstadt

The Masterplan Konversion Südstadt was approved by the assembly and will now serve as a guideline for the future development.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-02-28 Bahnhofsplatz Ulm

Another collaboration with raumspielkunst and bauchplan ).( for our proposal for the public space around the new station in Ulm.

>>> ... to be updated

2013-06-05 Contemporary Urgencies

711LAB has been invited by Dutch Architetcs Organization BNA for an international workshop on contemporary urgencies in Stuttgart organized by complizen Planungsbüro Berlin. Dutch offices like KAW, ONIX and Benthem Crouwel and local offices including Behnisch, Harris+Kurrle, superwondergroup were working on a proposal for a school site on behalf of IBA Heidelberg and possible re-use of large railroad infrastructur (Überwerfungsbauwerk) in Stuttgart

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2013-04-22 711LAB selected for Entwicklungsbereich Ost Ludwigsburg

711LAB, raumspielkunst and bauchplan).( have been selected to participate in the competition Entwicklungsbereich Ossweil and Oststadt in Ludwigsburg.

2013-04-18 public event heidelberg

During a public event in April 2013 interested visitors got an update on the Konversion Heidelberg and contributed their ideas of the use of the area.

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2012-12-21 season's greatings

711LAB wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2013!

2013-01-31 public event Heidelberg

In January 2013 more than 200 interested visitors were keen to get an update on the Konversion Heidelberg. and contribute their ideas for the urban redevelopment.

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2012-11-16 gruene mitte ruit

Today the jury of the competition for Gruene Mitte Ruit made the project conceived by 711LAB, raumspielkunst and bauchplan ).( one of two runners-up.

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2012-10-19 711LAB becomes DGNB member

After two years of commitment in different expert groups 711LAB has decided to join the German Sustainable Building Council as a full member.

>>> website DGNB

2012-09-06 DGNB Auditor

Stefan Werrer has succeeded in qualifying as an DGNB Auditor for New Urban District Centrificates

>>> website DGNB

2012-07-05 Mut zur Stadt

We are proud to announce a new exhibition at architekturgalerie am weissenhof. Mut zur Stadt, curated by Christian Holl and Stefan Werrer showcases new and inventive approaches to the production and negotiation of urban space

>>> website architekturgalerie

2010-12-21 season's greatings

711LAB wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2011!

2010-11-12 Opening Day-Care Center

After only 5 months of construction time the opening of Day-Care Center Glückskinder in Heidelberg was celebrated today.

>>> more about Glückskinder

2010-06-10 Update Day-Care Center

Construction on the day-care center for a private investor in Heidelberg/D has begun.

2010-03-08 Day-Care Center Heidelberg

711LAB and metris architekten have been asked to design a day-care center for a private investor in Heidelberg/D.

2009-12-05 public event Babenhausen

Stefan Werrer, Thorsten Erl and Andreas Bartels were asked to participate in the first public event on the military area in Babenhausen. They presented their project Grünkern Babenhausen to more than 300 visitors and guided interested visitors to the area.

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2009-11-18 r(h)ein hören

Togehter with atelier le balto and sound artist Marie Chartron, 711LAB has submitted a competition project for three touristic sites at the Rhein valley near the famous Loreley. r(h)ein hören focusses on panesthetic experiences in this fantastic landscape.

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2009-09-06 Copenhagen publication

Following a series of research publications on european cities, the Copenhagen Reader is finally ready. It can be ordered at the Städtebau-Institut for EUR 28,- excl. shipping.

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2009-08-28 [see stages]

A multidisciplinary team with atelier le balto, 711LAB Stefan Werrer and Grégoire Tourne & Holger Lindmüller submitted a proposal for the 2010 Bat-Yam Landscape Biennale.The project [see stages] transforms the bank of the cliff into a social place to be, to see and to be seen. The [see stages] are establishing a link between the residential buildings and the beach. The [see stages] have both aspects of a garden and of a stage.

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2009-06-15 Stadtmuseum Kassel

711LAB and metris architekten finished a competition project for the renovation and renovation of the Stadtmuseum Kassel/D.

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2009-06-17 Wonderland Exhibition

711LAB is part of the new Wonderland exhibition “Deadline Today” – 99+ stories on making architectural competitions from 18.06 - 20.07.2009 at the Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW).

The project's ambition is to provide a comprehensive overview of European architectural design contests, focusing on the role they play for architectural practices.

Wonderland is an initiative to connect young architects with the specific aim to enable transnational collaborative project work beyond existing professional and cultural borders.

>>> Wonderland

>>> AzW

2009-01-01 season's greatings

711LAB wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

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2008-12-01 Future Housing

convertible house #1 is published in the brochure "Zukunft Wohnen - Erkenntnisse der Netzwerkkampagne wieweiterwohnen" by Förderverein Bundesstiftung Baukultur.

The brochure intends to stimulate sustainable and future-oriented housing by collecting inspiring examples.

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2008-10-07 ExpoReal Munich

Grünkern Babenhausen was presented at the international real estate fair ExpoReal in Munich

Stefan Werrer and Thorsten Erl also were interviewed on their vision for the further development for documentary on Babenhausen.

>>> watch video

2008-08-14 Madrid publication out now!

Following a series of research publications on european cities, the Madrid Reader is finally ready. It can be ordered at the Städtebau-Institut for EUR 26,- excl. shipping.

Out of print.

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2008-08-05 presentation in Babenhausen

The winning europan project Grünkern Babenhausen was presented to a wider audience in Babenhausen.

After the presentation Stefan Werrer and Thorsten Erl discussed together with inhabitants of Babenhausen and representatives of the owner possible strategies for implementation.

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2008-06-06 Emsauenpark project

Park der Konturen is our competition proposal for the conversion of a military area in Lingen an der Ems/D

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2008-04-04 award ceremony europan 9

Stefan Werrer, Thorsten Erl and Andreas Bartels received the 1st prize for their winning europan 9 project Grünkern Babenhausen.

The award ceremony was held in Berlin at the Akademie der Künste designed by Behnisch Architekten.

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2008-03-16 Eenvoud bouwt

Exhibition of experimental housing area 'De Eenvoud' in Almere, The Netherlands

Designers looking for inhabitants. On a beautiful spot in the middle of a woodland in Noorderplassen-West in Almere (NL) a unique project is planned – 'De Eenvoud'. Twelve houses have been designed specifically for this place: an ornithologist's house, a rubber house, a convertible house, all simple yet special houses. From the 28th of march, a large model with all the projects will be exhibited in the architecture centre CASLa in Almere.

'De Eenvoud' is the result of a competition held in 2006. The participants were asked to design a freestanding and simple low-cost house, expressing their own wishes and ideas for dwelling. The winners get the possibility to build their design on an open spot in the woodland of Noorderplassen-West. The twelve winning projects were submitted from The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Sweden, and from the 28th of March these designs will be exhibited in the architecture centre of CASLa. The houses will have a permanent character, with a minimum of building regulations. Some of the projects will be built by the designers themselves; nine projects are looking for buyers.

The municipality of Almere encourages inventive forms of building. Two earlier experimental housing areas, 'De Fantasie' and 'De Realiteit' have been published extensively both nationally and internationally. These houses are used for permanent living, as holiday homes or studios. It is the intention that the designs for Eenvoud also can accommodate these uses

Exhibition 'De Eenvoud' – 28th of march until 10th of may 2008; Architectuurcentrum CASLa, Weerwaterplein 3, 1324 EE Almere Stad

Open Tuesday to Saturday between 12.00-17.00

Together with 'Landschappen van Almere' and 'Shelter' the exhibition 'De Eenvoud' will be inaugurated on the 28th of March at 16.30 by council member and alderman Frits Huis, previously involved in Comite de Fantasie. For more information visit eenvoud almere or Casla

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2008-02-28 711LAB selected for Emsauenpark Reuschberge

711LAB, metris architekten and Stoetzer/Neher Landschaftsarchitekten have been selected to participate in the competition "Emsauenpark Reuschberge" in Lingen.

Following the successful project Grünkern Babenhausen, this will be another chance to present our ideas for the conversion of a military base.

2007-04-20 Park Appartments Aulendorf shortlisted

The project conceived by 711LAB together with MBA/S, Rike Hannes and freiraumconcept was shortlisted by a jury including Prof. Franz Pesch, Prof. Fritz Auer and Angela Bezzenberger.

All submitted projects are presented in an exhibition at Aulendorf City Hall from April 23rd-29th 2007.

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2005-07-05 Paradise Included shortlisted

Paradise Included was shortlisted by the jury in the first round of the Ymere Award 2005.

The competition brief challenged contestants to develop a vision regarding for Stadstuinen (Town Gardens) in Almere Hout on 100 archeological sites.

The jury including Aaron Betsky (NAI), Dick van Gameren, Dirk Frieling, Francine Houben (Mecanoo) and the Mayor of Almere, Annemarie Jorritsma was intrigued by the attractive design of the visionary project and selected it for the final shortlist of 6 projects.

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2002-03-008 2nd Prize unlimited competition

711andScape has won the 2nd Prize in the 2002 unlimited vectorworks competition.

The theme of his first edition was the city of the 21st century. How can architecture and urban planning contribute to the emergence of vitale and future-oriented cities?

The jury including Andreas Marth (AllesWirdGut), Susanne Höhndorf (rataplan), Clemens Lutz (3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur), Nikola Popovic (Zone Architekten) and Prof. Helmut Richter (TU Wien) awarded the 2nd Prize to 711andScape because of its clear presentation of a simple concept yet with the idea of a fresh approach.

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2001-12-01 Archpluspreis 2002

711andScape has won an honourable mention in the 2002 archpluspreis.

archpluspreis is an internationally recognized competition organized by the architectural journal archplus. It is designed to reward and showcase the work of graduates in recognition of their innovative approach.

The jury including Klaus Kada, Bernd Kniess, Sabine Kraft and Bart Lootsma pointed out the realistic yet highly conceptual approach of this urban vision in the tradition of 'Zwischenstadt'.

The results of the 2002 archpluspreis are published in archplus 163: Nachwuchstalente

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2015-05-25 Entwicklungskonzept Wirtschaftsflächen Stuttgart

Following the successful Symposium Produktive Stadt 711LAB has been invited by the city of Stuttgart to join a team commissioned to develop an urban strategy for the development of commercial areas.

>>> ... to be updated

2015-03-30 Wittener Straße Bochum

711LAB has been selected to participate in the masterplan competition Wittener Straße in Bochum for the redevelopment of the emblematic Opel factory site.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-12-05 Produktive Stadt

Together with our client Stadt Stuttgart, 711LAB organized the Symposium Produktive Stadt discussing the opportunities for developping commercial areas within urban contexts.

>>> ... documentation pending

2014-09-11 public spaces for suburbia Part III

For our next adventure in suburbia we teamed up with Johannes Jörg / Grüne Welle and submitted a proposal for the refurbishment of Festaplatz and talstraße in Schriesheim.

>>> ... to be updated

2014-08-25 public spaces for suburbia Part II

Another proposal to create identity in a suburban context together with Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur.

>>> ... to be updated

>>> ... and congratulations to Johannes!

2014-07-11 sustainable BFV

a team lead by 711LAB with Rolf Messerschmidt and Leonhardt Schenk was commissioned with the DGNB Audit for the redevelopment project for Benjamin-Franklin-Village and Sullivan in Mannheim as a sustainable urban district.

>>> ... to be updated

2013-05-20 Dicht Säen II

711LAB joined bauchplan ).( and raumspielkunst to participate in a workshop organized by BDA München on density within the framework of 6. Architekturwoche and its theme Dicht Säen.

>>> website architekturwoche

2014-02-07 Dicht Säen I

for our proposal to transform a concrete pedestrian bridge in Erlangen into a temporary ping-pong site during 6. Architekturwoche we applied the concept of détournement and had lots of fun!

>>> project discontinued

2013-11-25 Ursulinenareal

competition entry for a new multi-generation housing project in Oberried exploring an innovative typology for assisted living facilities.

>>> ... to be updated

2013-10-28 Nördliches Ringgebiet

Together with our partners raumspielkunst and bauchplan ).( we finished our competition entry for the redevelopment of a mixed-use neighbourhood alongside the new Ringgebiet in Braumscheig.

>>> ... to be updated

2013-05-22 Exhibition opened

today architekturgalerie am weissenhof is opening the exhibition Materialdialog Bauen mit Holz featuring projects and statements from living plant construction pioneer Ferdinand Ludwig and Fabian Scheurer from swiss digital processing specialists designtoproduction. The exhibition was curated by Stefan Werrer

>>> website architekturgalerie

2013-03-28 DBZ features 711LAB

German Architecture Magazine DBZ will feature an interview with Stefan Werrer in its April supplement Der Entwurf. Our project Münchner Mischung will be given a prominent spot on the frontpage

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2013-03-11 Dichterviertel Ulm

Today the jury announced the results of the competition for the redevelopment of Dichterviertel Nord in Ulm. As one of three runner-ups we are encouraged by the appreciation the jury expressed for our project.

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2012-10-18 kindergarten st. elisabeth

Together with Dollmann+Partner and raumspielkunst, 711LAB won the 2nd price in the competition on the update of the Kinderhaus St. Elisabeth.

2012-06-19 DGNB compendium published

The German Sustainable Building Council DGNB has published a compendium on New Urban Districts. Together with umnet's Oliver Lambrecht, Stefan Werrer has contributed an introduction on sustainable urban planning.

>>> order publication

2012-05-11 Kreativquartier München

Today the jury announced the results of the competition for the development of Kreativquartier München. As one of four runners-up we are encouraged by the appreciation the jury expressed for our project Münchner Mischung

2012-11-14 IFBau course

Stefan Werrer has been invited to teach a course for architects and urban planners on New Urban Districts at IFBau - an institute for advance training. The course will be held again in summer 2013

>>> website IFBau

2011-11-14 DGNB Technical Committee

Stefan Werrer has been appointed as a member of DGNB's technical committe. Together with other distinguished experts he will advise the German Sustainable Building Council on its policies and strategies.

>>> website DGNB

2010-11-15 new office!

711LAB has moved to a new office location at concordiaareal in Stuttgart. The new address is:

711LAB Stefan Werrer
Talstrasse 41
70188 Stuttgart
T: +49 711 933 836 93

visitors are always welcome!

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2010-09-12 Semaine de Jardin

This year's Semaine de Jardin at Villa Romana in Florence/IT took place from Sept. 5th -12th.

2010-09-01 Paris publication

Following a series of research publications on european cities, the Copenhagen Reader is finally ready. It can be ordered at the Städtebau-Institut.

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2010-04-15 Masterplan Babenhausen

Following their 2008 winnig competition project Grünkern Babenhausen 711Lab and metris architekten have been commissioned to design a masterplan for this new urban development project. Based on quality principles formulated by the municipal council this masterplan should form a flexible guideline for a sustainable development.

As a part of this commission both offices will also advise the municipality during negotiations with potential project developers and investors

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2010-04-12 Lehrbausteine

Prof. Franz Pesch and Stefan Werrer contributed an article on public space to the new edition of the urban design and planning volume Lehrbausteine edited by the Städtebau-Institut at Universität Stuttgart

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>>> form and content

2010-03-12 2010 urbane visionen

convertible house #1 is selected for the exhibition 2010_urbane visionen stuttgart from 12.03 - 19.06.2010 at Kunstbezirk Stuttgart.

This exhibition brings together 32 works of art and installations on environment, mobility, public and private space and quality of life that comment on current issues in Stuttgart.

>>> Kunstbezirk Stuttgart

2010-01-01 season's greatings

711LAB wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2010!

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2009-11-04 Kinderhaus Metzingen

711LAB and metris architekten have finished a competition project for a new creche and kindergarden in Metzingen/D.

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2009-10-15 Schöner Wohnen

Schöner Wohnen mit den Fasanen

Markus Allmann, Bettina Klinge, Franz Pesch, Stefan Werrer (Ed.), Stuttgart 2009

This publication documents the results of a research workshop with the french architects Frederic Druot and Anne Lacaton on the urban regeneration of the Fasanenhof neighbourhood at Universität Stuttgart.

With contribution from Kyra Bullert (Universität Stuttgart) , Frédéric Druot (FDA) and Heike Mössner (Stadt Stuttgart) and an introduction by the french consul general, Christian Dumon.

>>> order information

2009-06-29 Heimat

Heimat Kanaleneiland is a competition project for the Europan 10 site in Utrecht. 711Lab and metris architekten submitted a deliberately conservative project. It deals with enlarging the capacity of the existing rather than replacing it. It is a social strategy for a new collective.

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2009-05-30 Ikbouwmijnhuisinalmere

convertible house #1 is part of the Eenvoud contribution to the on-site sales exhibition Ikbouwmijnhuisinalmere from 30.05 - 31.05.2009 in Almere Poort.

>>> Ikbouwmijnhuisinalmere

2009-05-01 contract signed

On may 1st the contracts for the individual plots in the new Eenvoud neighbourhood in Almere Noorderplassen have been signed.

The starting date for the construction of convertible house #1 is now scheduled for June 2010.

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2009-01-31 workshop baugruppen

711LAB and metris architekten participated in a workshop on collective housing projects in Heidelberg.

During two days 8 architecture offices explored the potential of collective housing projects on the schollengewann site in Heidelberg. The ideas will be further worked out and presented to interested parties.

2008-12-02 Kindergarten St. Maria

711LAB and metris architekten finished a competition project for a new kindergarden in Philippsburg/D.

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2008-11-05 New Location Eenvoud

After months of uncertainty and lacking support by the municipality the Eenvoud was given a new location! With a better situation towards future development and nearer to the coastline we hope that this will be a fresh start for the project.

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2008-06-01 europan 9 publications

The documentation of the europan 9 results is available now both in german and in english.

Grünkern Babenhausen is presented and discussed in both volumes.

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2008-05-08 ETHZ Student Housing

Together with an international team our proposal for the ETHZ Science City Student Housing competition is finished.

Hochstapler is a contextual design for the site with an innovative approach on the potential of wooden constructions.

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2008-01-19 Winner 1st Prize Europan 9

711LAB and metris architekten have been awarded a 1st Prize in the recent edition of the Europan competition by an international jury for their project Grünkern Babenhausen.

The award ceremony and opening of the exhibition for all seven europan locations in Germany will take place on April 4th in Berlin.

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2007-09-12 London publication out now!

Following a series of research publications on european cities, the London Reader is finally ready. It can be ordered at the Städtebau-Institut for EUR 30,- excl. shipping.

Out of print

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2006-06-24 Winner Simplicity

convertible house #1 was named winner of the "Simplicity" competition in Almere. The project by 711LAB and MBA/S will be one of the 12 designs for experimental housing awaiting realisation on a beautiful location in Almere.

Furthermore convertible house #1 was awarded a Fonds BKVB stimulation award by Lex ter Brake.

The award ceremony and opening of the exhibition was part of the "dag van de architectuur".

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2004-06-15 Stuttgart West published

The research documentation "Stuttgart West - Neue Lesarten" is published. The course at the Universität Stuttgart resulted in stimulating visualisations of analyses show various approaches and perspectives on a special area of the city, with the potential to be further developped into architecture, urbanism and landscape.

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2002-11-13 1st Prize competition
German National Library 4th extension

The Stuttgart based architect Gabriele Glöckler has won the 1st prize in an international competition for the 4th extension of the German National Library in Leipzig.

711LAB Stefan Werrer has been contributing to the innovative architectural concept and design of the winning project as a member of the architects team.

A documentation of the competition is published in wettbewerbe aktuell 1/2003.

The project is due to be realised in 2006

2002-04-17 IT+ opens

The international trade fair for information technology and multimedia IT+ is open from April 17th-20th 2002 at the Messe Stuttgart.

711LAB has been contributing to the trade fair stand for "Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart (WRS)" by kommunikationsdesign: wolfgang breuninger.

With its high quality design and open appearance it will serve as an attractive stage for the presentations of young and innovative companies.

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2002-08-01 www.rataplan.at online

The website designed by 711LAB for RATAPLAN is online. The Vienna based architecture office wanted to give itself a playful internet site that would reflect their approach on architecture.

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2002-04-02 Concept Never Ends published

concept never ends, a thematic compilation of projects, ideas and essays produced between 1999 and 2001 during labs-studio, is published a selection of the resulting projects and essays is presented in a book with a CD-rom. it is highly recommended to explore both and get inspired.

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2001-04-15 Yourope* Award

711LAB Stefan Werrer and Joana Mourao have been awarded a prize in the international competition Yourope*. The task presented by the competition was the design of an Embassy building for a politically united Europe together with a representation of the european idea. 437 entries, not only from Europe, but also from the USA, Japan, India, Latin America and various other countries have beensubmitted. The jury including Alfred Berger (Berger+Parkinen), Floris Alkemade (OMA), Sabine Kraft (archplus), Aad Krom (UN Studio) and Patrick Schumacher (Studio Zaha Hadid) appreciated our proposal as "An independent contribution which understands Europe as an idea andlooks to people for a definition. In so doing it decides on the classicalmethod of a printed T-shirt (skin-tight dwelling) to carry the "embassy-message" throughout the world. In this way buildings become unnecessary."

The Awards ceremony will take place on June 18th 2001 in the Representation of the Land Baden-Württemberg to the European Union, Brussels

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